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6 Common Causes of Black Specks in Your Water

Water quality is an issue that has been getting a lot of national attention in the past few years. The good news is that most of us can enjoy fresh, clean, and healthy water from a municipal water supply or a well system. However, if you’ve noticed black specks floating around the water you pour from the faucet, you’ll want to identify and fix the issue as soon as possible. Here are six common causes of black particles in your water.

1. Mineral deposits

It’s possible the black specks are just trace amounts of iron or manganese in the water. While the appearance may be startling, a small amount of these minerals isn’t generally harmful. You can get a water test to check the mineral levels of your water.

2. Old pipes

Over time, pipes can wear down and start to corrode. In some cases, tiny pieces of the pipe can break off and come out of the faucet. It’s a good idea to have our trained plumbing technicians inspect your plumbing to see if old pipes are in your home or the municipal system.

3. Corroded water heater

When the black specks only appear when you’re running hot water, the first place you should look is the water heater. The average lifespan of a tank water heater is 8-12 years. If your unit is on the younger side, you can try draining the tank and flushing the lines. But if your water heater is getting old you may want to consider replacing it to avoid a bigger issue and mess when it dies.

4. Worn-out rubber parts

Collect a few of the black specks in your hands. Do they feel rubbery? If so, they may be small pieces of rubber parts from your plumbing. Rubber washers, gaskets, and hoses are used to make water-tight connections but the material eventually breaks down over time. You can try replacing the rubber parts of the faucet and see if the black specks are still in the water.

5. Sand or silt

If you have a private well at your home, small amounts of sand or silt can get pumped along with the water from the ground. These particles usually aren’t harmful to drink but can cause wear and tear on your appliances. Our professional plumbers can offer recommendations for filtering the water from the well to remove the sediment.

6. Water filter

Are the black specks only showing up from faucets with a home water filter? In that case, you may be seeing particles from the granular activated carbon filter. These specks typically look similar to coffee grounds. Try replacing the filter and see if that solves the issue.

When you notice black specks in your water, the smart move is to avoid drinking it and figure out what the root cause is. 

If you need help diagnosing a plumbing issue or improving the water quality in your home, you can confidently contact our technicians at Three Amigos Plumbing of Monroe Inc. Contact us today!

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