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Should You Put Coffee Grounds Down The Sink?

You might have heard that putting coffee grounds down the skin can freshen the smell from the drain but the actual thing is that doing such will eventually create clogs inside the drain.

If you are already facing a clogged drain as a result of forcing coffee grounds down the skin, please contact us at Three Amigos Plumbing for an efficient solution.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Coffee Grounds Down the Sink 

Unlike most foods that go through the garbage disposal, coffee grounds will stick together inside water rather than break down. They will eventually build up inside the drains thus creating clogs that will prevent the sink drain from working effectively. Coffee grounds must be thrown into the trash can, and they can serve as good fertilizers for your garden if you have one.

What Other Items Must be Prevented from Going Down the Drain?

Coffee grounds are not the only items that must not pass through the sink drain. Items such as grease, fats, and oil can also create clogs when they solidify hence, they must be prevented from passing into the drain. Starchy foods, including pasta, potato, rice, and potato peels must also be prevented from passing down the sink drain. You must also do everything possible to prevent fibrous items such as eggshells, banana peels, celery, and fish skins from passing through the drain.

Any other item that is not food, including wood, glass, metal, cigarette butts and sponges must be prevented from passing through sink drains. Just like coffee grounds, these items mentioned can jam the garbage disposal or clog the drains. Choose the trash can if you are unsure where to put waste items in the kitchen.

What Can You Do If You Put the Wrong Item Down the Drain?

The most appropriate step to take when you drain have been clogged is to contact an experienced plumber for help. There are some signs you should also pay attention to; they may indicate a clogged drain or jammed garbage disposal. When water backs out of the sink drain, or there is a slow draining of water in the skin, please contact us for help. similarly, a gurgling noise from the sink, rotten food odor emanating from the sink and visible food particles inside in the sink after running the dishwasher, are signs of a failing drain.

Clogged Drain Repair Service with Guaranteed Offered Here!

You should not delay getting help once you notice any of the clogging sink signs mentioned above. Waiting for too long can result in flooding of your home, and mold growth in some parts of the home. Contact us at Three Amigos Plumbing and we will be there to help you get your sink drain and garbage disposal back, working efficiently.  

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